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Interior Decorating

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Feeling uninspired in your own home?
Do you feel like your decor is dated or drab?
Your home should be the sanctuary that you look forward to returning to at the end of each day.  But if your space is causing more stress than bliss, redesign is the perfect solution! 
Get a brand new space without the cost by using and re-purposing what you already own. 
My goal is for you to love coming home each and every day!

Interior Decorating / Shopping Services

I can help you with fresh new ideas for your home, including accessories, paint colors, furniture and furniture placement as well as recommended ways to make better use of what your home already has in order to save time and money.

By “shopping” your home for any items that you will allow to be moved, such as furniture / accessory rearranging, I can help create the space you deserve and can feel proud of!

I can also do all the shopping for you if you are interested in purchasing new items for your home!  Once we discuss your style, likes and needs, you can leave it up to me to find the best deals and items to create your dream home!

Space Planning and Organization

Turn your home office & closets into actual usable space with some planning and organization!  I will help you de-clutter, organize, rearrange, and restyle your space so that you can get to work.  Or if you have a space that needs to facilitate several different functions (like Guest Room /   Office / Rec Room) all at the same time, I can help you plan, arrange and style to maximize use.

Move-in / Relocation Services

Need help figuring out where all your old things should go in your
new space?   I can help unpack, arrange, organize and shop to get your
house feeling like a home in no time.  I will assess what you already have, determine where furniture and accessories should be placed and then help
you complete each room by providing you with suggestions for any
future purchases needed.


Are you relocating to New York and need someone to decorate your home before you arrive?  I can help get your place completely move in ready for you by shopping for whatever items you may need and putting them all in place for you so by the time you arrive, you can just unpack and enjoy!

Decorating On A Budget 

Do you have a picture of a beautiful, but very expensive room that you wish you could afford in your home but have a small budget so you don't think it's possible to ever have? 

Well, gorgeous decorating doesn't have to be just a dream!  You can recreate the look you love while maintaining a budget that works for you. 

It is 100% possible to recreate an expensive room with less costly pieces and I can help you with budget shopping services to achieve that look you long for! 

Cheap can be chic!

Organize Don't Agonize
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